Plan Ahead

Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home has been a trusted name in the funeral profession for almost a century. We are locally owned, and more importantly, we are family owned. As a member of your community, count on us to be there for you when the time comes. With Jones-Gallagher, you know the first rate service you experience today will be the same you’ll receive in the years to come.

Making decisions in advance with Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home saves family members the stress of making arrangements during a difficult time.

When you prepay, today’s prices are locked in so you are guaranteed your family will never pay more for your funeral, no matter what happens with inflation. Relieving loved ones of the financial responsibility is one of the greatest last gifts you can give.

Let your wishes be known and preplan with Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home today.


Why Preplan?

We believe preplanning is the most precious gift you can give your loved ones. Let the staff at Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home explain the reasons.

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Funeral Preplanning

Preplanning Checklist

Whether you are preplanning for yourself or assisting a loved one, this checklist will make the process seamless.

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Preplanning a funeral

Preplan a Funeral

At Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home, we can help you make the best decisions for your needs and your budget.

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Cremation Preplanning

Preplan Cremation

Preplanning ensures your wishes regarding urn selections, cemetery plots, and personalization options will be carried out.

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